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Fly Medview is the unofficial term when referring to the Nigerian airline company, Medview Air. Offering both domestic and international flights, Fly Medview is one of the top choices for flights in the country.


Medview Airline Booking

The Medview Airline booking process is such that it can be done either by visiting one of their offices or through the internet. If you are someone who does not like using technology for such things, then the Medview Air offices welcome any help that they can offer. If you do like making use of the internet, then you will find that booking your Fly Medview tickets online is most certainly the easy route. This is because it can be done at any time and from any place, so long as you have access to the internet. You would first have to search for a flight that has available seats for the dates you want to fly. This is easy work when using the Fly Medview search facility. It only requires a few details concerning the logistical details of the flight and from this you will be given your flight options. This will be used to select the flight you would want to take. Your selection will depend on the time of day and the price of the flight. Searches can even be narrowed down so you would not have to deal with unnecessary choices. From here the booking can be done right away along with the payment and the flight will be medview

Medview Airline takes the carriage of children very seriously. Babies pay only 10 percent of the total ticket price of an adult. Children from the ages of 5 to 17 can travel on Medview Air unaccompanied. Staff will ensure the safe carriage of minors as they travel from city to city. Then we have another special case, pets. Many people simply cannot do without their pets for extended periods and with Fly Medview, this is easily solved. A Medview Airline booking can be done for pets. They will not however, travel in the cabin but in a secure part of the cargo section of the plane. Only a limited number of pets will be allowed for each flight and to ensure that your pet will travel with you, ensure an early booking.

When you use Fly Medview as your airline when travelling, you will be in store for a wonderful air travel experience. The airline remains very stoic when it comes to the safety and enjoyment of all passengers. All Medview Air passengers get a meal and refreshment during the course of the flight. In addition, passengers have ample entertainment in the form video or music to keep busy during the entire flight. The cabin classes are between economy and business. Business class is the more expensive option but facilities and services here are upgraded as well. One such instance will be the baggage allowance for Fly Medview business class ticket holders, who will get a significantly larger weight allocation. Economy class ticket holders also get to travel in style with leather seating designed for optimal leg room.


Fly Medview Check-in

Passengers flying with Medview Air have 2 options when it comes to checking into their flight. These are either at the airport or through the check-in portal on the Fly Medview website. All passengers must get through check-in before being able to board their Medview Airline flight. It is during the check-in procedure that luggage going into the cargo hold of the plane will be declared, where seating will be chosen and when boarding passes will be printed. Each check-in option with Fly Medview has its own pros and cons and it is up to passengers to determine which fly medviewwould be most suitable for them. Checking in at the airport is the old school method of pitching up and going directly to the Medview Airline check-in counters. Here, there are dedicated staff to take care of all the factors that goes into check-in. Once complete, you will be handed the boarding pass and can wait for your flight. This way does require for you to get to the airport in time, to account for any long lines that may form so it is quite a lengthy route. The alternative would be to go with the online option. It does not require passengers to be a tech genius and is pretty simple. You would log in with your name and booking number and then select your seats and declare your luggage and finally print out your boarding pass. And you are done. The final step would be to drop off baggage at the airport. This must be done on time to ensure it is loaded onto the plane in time. During boarding, you must present your boarding pass and a form of identification as well as go through security. Once the airport process is done, you will be taken to the plane and be off on your holiday or business trip.


Medview Air Loyalty Club

The Medview Air loyalty club is so much more than just getting monetary rewards. Members also receive a lot of other perks which are sure to make airport travel a whole lot more efficient. The queues at the airport are the most annoying, so how nice would it be to get bumped up the queue for check-in, boarding or even an emergency waiting list. Members can also get extra baggage allowance along with access to a VIP medview

Of course, the main draw of the Medview Loyalty club is its miles programme. If you belong to the club, you have the chance to earn miles every single time you Fly Medview. With each flight you will rack up miles. Within a few flights you will have amassed enough of points to exchange it for a free flight from Medview Airline. The amount of points amassed also determines which tier level you belong to in the club. There are 3 which are bronze, silver and gold.